In my latest article, I have chosen 6 college football games to watch this weekend, and have given a preview and a pick against the spread for each game. I chose games that are on TV, and and  I chose SEC games over other the others when possible.

Hope you enjoy.
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I hope to write an article or two this week, so check back for those!
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In the article, I ranked our group of QB's and summarized what I saw from them over the 14 practices that I attended this preseason.

Check back for my upcoming rankings and summaries for the rest of the team!
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It was a hot morning and there was a large crowd to watch the Razorbacks last open practice before the 2o11 season begins. It was a fun Fall camp and I enjoyed getting out there and writing these reports for yall.

 I will do a post-camp write-up on the team and post it on this website, so be looking for that over the next few days!

There will be an open practice at 9:00 in the stadium, and the autograph signing inside Bud Walton goes from 2-4. Check back here for my last football practice report of 2011!
Afternoon practice notes are now included right below the morning practice notes from today.
There's also a practice scheduled for 4:00 this afternoon; not sure if I will make it but I will try to keep you updated.

Remember, there are only two practices left open to the public (this afternoon's practice, and saturday's practice which is also fan day). Next week, I will do a post-camp write-up about the team and what I expect from them this season.

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They changed the practice time to 8:50 this morning and I woke up a little late and got there about a half hour into practice. It was very humid and the sun's glare was pretty unbearable reflecting off the bleachers. I am glad the rain held off though.

There are two practices scheduled for tomorrow, and I'm planning on making at least one if not both.